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A New and Powerful Form of Reiki - Antojai® Quantum Reiki

Updated: Apr 22

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is precisely what happened to me when I first found Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Spiritual Shit by Alea Lovely, when I heard Axél speak about the Quantum field and the effects and transformations it can bring to our physical, spiritual and emotional realities. His words and story sparked my curiosity as did the client successes he had with this new form of energy healing called Antojai® Quantum Reiki.

Since then, I have had the privilege of studying under Axél and becoming an Antojai Quantum Reiki Master. In this post, I aim to shed light on this healing modality, its benefits and the impact it can have on individuals.

How it Works

Antojai Quantum Reiki sets itself apart by working with the 12 chakra system compared to the traditional Usui Reiki, which focuses on the seven primary chakras in the body. This expanded approach allows practitioners to navigate the Quantum field, transcending space and time to address issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, and physical pain at a cellular level.

During a Quantum Reiki session, practitioners guide clients through targeted questions, intention setting, and visualizations to work through energetic, emotional, and subconscious blocks. By targeting the subconscious mind—the repository of programmed behaviors acquired in childhood—practitioners tap into the body's natural healing mechanisms. This facilitates healing on multiple levels, including the reprogramming of ingrained patterns and beliefs.

Getting a Session

When seeking Reiki healing, especially for the first time, setting a clear intention for the session is crucial. Whether it's stress relief or inner child work, this intention-setting helps to establish expectations regarding the work to be done both during and outside of the session. While the practitioner serves as a guide to healing, the client plays an equally critical role by committing to follow-up activities or additional sessions to address any issues unearthed during the Reiki process. In general, Antojai Quantum Reiki is ideal for individuals ready to undergo transformative shifts in their consciousness, enabling them to step into their highest selves.

Today, Antojai Quantum Reiki is practiced across 103 countries and offered in many languages. And while it continues to gain recognition as one of the most potent Reiki modalities globally, its expansion aims not only to heal individuals but also to empower others to become masters and instructors themselves.

To learn more:

Quantum Reiki Testimonials

"I came to Anabel because of my struggle with procrastination. She pinpointed a blockage in my heart chakra and used quantum reiki to shift that blockage. My inspiration and drive to launch my business increased later that day."

"I had a Quantum Reiki session with Anabel and it was very transformative. There are so many layers that I've opened up that I either was afraid to go to or that I wasn't quite integrating into other areas of my life. Some of the session was challenging for me to go through, but I felt like Anabel made it a lot easier to be in uncomfortable places so I can get to know myself and the world more authentically."


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