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  • Antojai® Quantum Reiki Master & Instructor

  • Certified Energy Healer & Reiki Master (Academy of Energy Healing) 

  • Astrologer (Debra Silverman Applied Astrology)

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I'm Anabel. Welcome to  Nuna ("Soul") Therapy.


I'm here to help you reconnect with your authentic self and embody who you are deep down at your core. 

Before getting into energy healing, astrology, and the self-development space, I spent over a decade in corporate  communications, employee engagement, and cultural transformation roles in the biotech and life sciences industry. And while there was growth for me there, I always had a gut feeling that there was something more. 

​In my late 20s, after battling postpartum and other life challenges, I started to dig into the shifts happening for me. The journey was slow and difficult and brought me to some of my lowest points, but through therapy, past life regressions, PSYCH-
K®, and other holistic and spiritual practices, I began to find my way in the darkness and mess of it all.

Inspired by my journey and many learnings, I decided to start Nuna Therapy to channel my passion.


Today, I work with individuals and groups to help unblock areas where they feel stuck and guide them to step into who they came to be in this lifetime. 

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back and embrace the you who's been there all along? 
Anabel meditating
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