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Tired of New Year's Resolutions Failing? Try This!

Are you a dedicated New Year's resolution setter?

Every year, the tradition of setting resolutions takes the spotlight, but studies consistently reveal that a significant number of resolutions fizzle out before January comes to a close.

But why do they fail, and what can you do differently to ensure you're successful?

The issue with many resolutions lies in their surface-level approach. They often lack a solid foundation—a premise that dives into why the change is desired, a vision that vividly paints what success looks like, and a purpose that aligns the goal with personal values and aspirations.


As you plan for your year ahead, consider these four steps to get crystal clear about your desires in 2024 and make them a reality.


Understand the Belief: Resolutions tend to address the "what" without diving into the "why." Understanding the deep-rooted beliefs and motivations behind your desired change is crucial because without a strong premise, resolutions can feel hollow or disconnected from your core values, making them harder to sustain.

Ask yourself this: What do you currently believe about your desired goal?

Do this: Take time to journal about your beliefs surrounding your goal. Use these prompts to help you get started...

  • What is compelling you to pursue this goal?

  • What preconceived notions, doubts, or limiting beliefs do you have about attaining this goal?

  • What past experiences, successes, or failures might be impacting your beliefs about this goal?


Paint the Picture of Success: Simply stating a resolution isn't enough; you must also envision the desired outcome. A clear and compelling vision paints a vivid picture of success, which helps to fuel your motivation and keep you focused on the end goal.

Ask yourself this: What do you want with this desired goal?

Do this: Find a quiet place. Sit comfortably and take three deep breaths. With your eyes closed, picture your future self having achieved your goal. Feel the emotions and notice the positive changes. Make a habit of practicing this visualization daily, even if only for a few minutes.


Align with Personal Values: Every resolution should be tied to a deeper purpose. Connecting your goal to personal values and aspirations infuses it with meaning and relevance, allowing you to persist even when faced with obstacles.

Ask yourself this: Why do you want it?

Do this: Make a list of your top 10 personal values. Then circle the values that align with your goal. Based on your findings, write down why achieving this goal matters deeply to you.

Plan for Success: Armed with a strong premise, vision, and purpose, a strategic plan becomes more effective. A strategy outlines the actionable steps needed to achieve the goal, establishing a roadmap to help guide you toward success.

Ask yourself this: What do you need to do to make your desired goal a reality?

Do this: Create a list of all the tasks needed to get to your bigger goal along with deadlines for when you need to accomplish them by. Commit to these steps.


By embracing this four-step approach you can move away from fleeting resolutions to instead crafting intentions that resonate deeply within you.

Here's to a purpose-driven and goal-oriented year ahead!

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