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How to Harness the Power of the Moon to Charge Personal Items

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

I love full moons and new moons. Not just for their beauty but also for their powerful and abundant energy, making it the perfect source for charging and cleansing personal items.

And so, twice a month, I use the opportunity to do just that.

On the day of the full or new moon, I'll go around my home collecting items that I would like to charge with a boost of energy while also helping to release them of any negative energies they may be holding. Some of my go-to items include crystals, jewelry, my Reiki pendulum, and grace cards. The truth is there's no wrong choice when choosing your items, the best rule of thumb is to trust your intuition and select whatever resonates most with you.

Getting Started with your Moon Charging & Cleansing Ritual

Once you've selected your items, you'll need a bowl filled with water and sea salt added (the salt will help to absorb any negative energies). Next:

  • Find a spot outside or near a window where the moonlight can reach your items.

  • Lay out and arrange your items on the ground, a table, etc.

  • Cleanse your items by setting an intention (see my moon charging chant in the images below) to release and replace any negative energies with a positive charge. Smudging and Reiki also work.

  • Place your bowl of water next to the items (or you can place the items inside the bowl if they can get wet) and leave them under the moonlight overnight.

The following day, you're free to use the items as usual. They will now be charged and infused with the moon's energy.

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