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How to Determine Which Crystals to Use for Which Chakra

With thousands of crystals available around the world, choosing the right one to meditate with or use with clients for healing purposes can be tricky. But if you're familiar with the chakra system, here's an easy way of determining which crystal to use for which energy center in the body.

While I'm usually called to particular crystals based on where I feel blockages, one way to select crystals for healing is based on color since each chakra is associated with a hue.

Here's a crystal color guide for you to use:

  • Root: Red (for grounding, security, connecting to Mother Earth)

  • Sacral: Orange (for creativity, relationships, sexuality, abundance)

  • Solar Plexus: Yellow (for confidence, self-esteem, self-worth)

  • Heart: Green (for love, acceptance, compassion)

  • Throat: Blue (for speaking your truth, self-expression)

  • Third Eye: Indigo (for intuition, wisdom)

  • Crown: Clear, Purple, Gold (for connecting to the Universe and Higher-self)

If you have specific questions about the crystals in the picture or want to know of other crystals to use, leave a comment below!

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