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Start your Journey to Self-love in 28 Days

Updated: Sep 19

When I first decided to engage in a 28-day self-love challenge, it was born out of a desire to switch the focus of Valentine's Day, which is traditionally about the other, back to the self.

Having gone through my fair share of relationship challenges, I've learned that an individual's self-awareness is one of the essential pieces to the duo dynamic. So often, we blame the other, taking little responsibility for our role/actions in the situation. But if we peel back the layers and dig deep into the core issues, we can see that much of it starts with how we see ourselves and the love and respect we have for ourselves.

With this in mind, I put together a full calendar of activities focused on me.

Here's what I learned over the course of the 28 days...

Making space for your overall well-being needs to be a priority.
Often self-care ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. Our friends, co-workers, family, and all the other people in our lives come first. We wait until we're sick, burnt out, overworked, or depressed to take time out or wait for a professional to tell us we need to slow down. The truth is it doesn't have to get to that. We are "masters of our agenda," and it's up to us to decide how our day goes and set boundaries for self-care.
What you can do: Pick a day to go to bed early. Schedule a massage for yourself or anything that makes you feel pampered.
Appreciating and valuing yourself for being you and what you've accomplished must become a habit.
Indulging and playing are part of life--don't take things so seriously.
Spending time alone is part of your personal growth.
Connecting with others nourishes your soul.
These are just a few things I learned through my "me" time. If you want to take the self-love challenge, click the link below to download the calendar.

Once you've completed the challenge, I'd love to hear what self-love has taught you. You can email me or leave a comment below!

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